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Programming is more Fun with HackerKid - A Gamified Coding Environment. Coding challenges & Interesting game levels pave the way to the World of Coding Olympiad for kids.

Kids age 7-17 will Learn-to-Code in an Exciting way!

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Practise is a part of the learning process

The Only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it

-Dennis Ritchie

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You can explore and play even without a sign-up. Feel free to play the Python turtle, Remember that the Guest mode will not save your progress or session.

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Costly Coding classes don't promise skill but Practise does!

Kids will love coding with their friends in HackerKid

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Coder Certificate

Unleash your kid's talent in coding with amazing game levels that yield them Coder Certificates.

Hackerkid - Clubs

We know teamwork is an essential attribute to learn as a kid. Your kids can create or join clubs with peers and push each other in learning.

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Progress Mail to Parents

Our comprehensive weekly analysis through an email will guide kids on a fun learning track with progress in coding.

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Your kid will never feel lost. If he runs out of all help, we jump in and sort things out to clear their doubts.


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